NoPaperForms integrates with DigiLocker for paperless workflows in university admissions

Posted on: December 26, 2017 by DigiLocker

NoPaperForms, a startup providing a digital enrollment management platform to academic institutions has integrated with DigiLocker. This integration will offer immense benefits both to the applying students as well as the verifying institutions.

Students applying online for various institutions can share their authentic marksheet/ certificates, Aadhaar card etc directly from their DigiLocker accounts. The institutions on the other hand, can directly receive these verified documents and save considerable number of man hours otherwise spent in verification of such documents, which are prone to forgery. This is because DigiLocker documents are fetched directly from Issuer’s repositories and are digitally signed, thereby doing away with the need of verifying them separately.

NonPaperForms already supports multiple institutes such as SRM University, ITM Group of Institutions, XIME, BIMTECH, Bennett University, IMT Ghaziabad etc. In the coming days their platform is likely to be extended to a much larger number of institutions, all of which will be able to use the DigiLocker integration seamlessly.

Here are screenshots for how the integration works –

SRM University Application


IMT, Ghaziabad



If you are an academic institution and want to use the DigiLocker online document verification feature, please submit your application at The integration with DigiLocker is fairly lightweight from a technical perspective, and can be completed in 1-2 weeks.