More than 2 crore Uttar Pradesh citizens can now access their digitized certificates in DigiLocker!

Posted on: July 19, 2016 by DigiLocker

Uttar Pradesh (UP) is the most populous state of India and any service it provides to its citizens requires massive scale. The DigiLocker team has partnered with the Government of Uttar Pradesh in integrating the UP eDistrict application for one of their citizen services (Income Certificates). With this move, more than 2 crore documents are now available to Uttar Pradesh citizens via DigiLocker. This is the largest service integration till date for DigiLocker and thus marks a very important milestone.

This integration will allow citizens to get a digital version of their income certificates directly into their DigiLocker account (see screenshot below). This plugs the last phase of digital connectivity in providing easy and anytime access to these documents.


This is the first UP eDistrict service to be integrated. And DigiLocker is working with the eDistrict team to follow this milestone up with integrating all their other services at the earliest.

DigiLocker would like to thank the UP eDistrict team for their speedy action and co-operation. We look forward to completing the other integrations soon.