How issued documents come into DigiLocker – difference between PULL & PUSH methods

Posted on: February 27, 2017 by DigiLocker

DigiLocker gives you real-time access to authentic digital documents that come to you from the issuer’s original database. There are two ways these issued documents can show up in your account –

Push (via Aadhaar): This method works when the issuer database is seeded with the Aadhaar number of citizens. Once a registered issuer issues an e-document for a particular Aadhaar number (and the respective DigiLocker account already exists for that Aadhaar number), the URI for that document will be get pushed automatically into DigiLocker. See illustrative image below –

Screenshot 2017-02-27 14.22.11

Pull (via search parameters): This method is used when the issuer database does not contain the seeded Aadhaar number. For certain issuers which have a partnership with DigiLocker, citizens can log into DigiLocker and pull their record from the issuer database using some common search parameters. Once the record is fetched, a permanent link (URI) to it can be saved in the issued document section. See the below demo explaining this method (using digital DL & RC from Ministry of Transport as an example).

In both cases, the URI (link) is available in issued documents section and this link directly fetches the document in real-time from the original data source.